NDIA - National Defense Industrial Association

Aberdeen Proving Ground Chapter

Welcome To The Aberdeen Proving Ground (APG) Chapter of the National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA). Based in Aberdeen, Maryland, the chapter has a history almost as old as the history of the Proving Ground itself. >NDIA is a non-profit, educational association representing industry, government, and all military services. Nearly 1,000 companies and 26,000 individuals build their businesses, careers, and the future of the industrial base through NDIA membership. NDIA provides a forum for the interchange of ideas and technology between government and industry. It is in a key position to shape issues and influence defense policies through its chapters and divisions covering key facets of defense and is a 501(c)3 organization.

The mission of the APG chapter is to support its members. Membership defines the needs and goals of this chapter through networking, sharing of information and socializing in positive and enriching environments.

It also supports the national mission by:

  • Providing legal and ethical forums for interchange between government and industry
  • Promoting essential national security policies and programs in public, industrial and governmental activities
  • Providing industry advice to government
  • Facilitating mutual understanding and working relationships between government and industry
  • Providing leadership in technology and education related to national defense
  • Supporting economic strength through international competitiveness

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